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How Do Tenants and Landlords Feel About Property Managers And Real Estate Agents?

Author: Kylie Davis
Source: CoreLogic

Data for landmark new reports to understand how property managers are perceived by both landlords and tenants is currently being collected in two new surveys by CoreLogic.

The Landlord Perceptions of Property Managers survey, and the Tenants Perceptions of Property Managers survey are part of the Perceptions of Real Estate Agents series to understand the experiences of consumers when using real estate agents. 

Past reports – which examined the experience of Sellers and Buyers – found that while the majority of consumers had positive experiences with agents, there was still significant room for improvement.

Both reports identified areas where agents need to work harder – such as being transparent around pricing properties, responding promptly to inquiries and managing the expectations of sellers and buyers across the sales experience. 

The reports showed 68% of sellers and 57% of buyers would recommend their agent to friends or family. 

Kylie Davis, the Head of Content at CoreLogic said the property manager surveys would ensure the full scope of consumer experience with real estate agents was examined.
With rent rolls a major factor in how real estate offices are valued as assets, insights from the research will help identify how principals can grow their business. 

“Property management teams are often neglected departments within real estate offices, but the work that property managers do with landlords and tenants can play a major role in how a real estate office is perceived within the community and be a major source of sales referrals,” Ms Davis said.

“The reports that come out of the surveys will identify what differentiates the really great property managers from the average ones. I’m really curious to find out whether tenants and landlords have different or similar experiences – we’ll be able to learn a lot from comparing the data from both surveys.”
The final reports will identify the skills that property managers need to really excel, and start to encourage benchmarking in those behaviours.

To fill in the landlord survey, go to:

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Kylie Davis
Head of Marketing, Content

Kylie Davis is the Head of Property Services and Content Marketing at CoreLogic.

Published: 7 February 2018.